Dear friends,

As the ancient Romans said, ”give us bread and give us games”.  Today’s company managers, as well as all workers, have an understanding of the desire for creating such an event, crafting an environment for fun, sport, leisure and socializing. This is a necessity for the essential ”refreshment’’ of everyday life, consisting of the home-to-work-to-home routine. Besides being interesting, the company’s sports games provide an opportunity for people of all walks of life to participate in the company’s worker’s sports games, with everyone involved, each having an equal chance of winning and standing on the podium.

On behalf of the Serbian Federation of Company Sport, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the first International Festival of Company Sports, which will be held from 25-29. September 2019 at the exclusive tourist resort in Agia Triada, Greece, at the hotel complex , ”SANTA BEACH”, **** , which offers excellent opportunities for rest, accommodation, nutrition, fun and fellowship.

We firmly believe that by participating in this international sporting event every country, every labor organization, every worker’s sports club can contribute to the developent and expansion of sports, both nationally and internationally.

We look forward to the many friendly matches and assure you of our eagerness to express our hospitality and show you our excellent organization.

The Serbian Federation of Company Sports and our friends from Greece will do everything possible to make this gathering an enjoyable social experience and an everlasting memory.


Of the Serbian Federation of Company Sports

Velizar Djeric,  President


  1. Futsal – M and W
    * Team: 4 + 1 players, 2 reserve, 1 coach
    game – 2×20 min. men;
    2×15 min. women.
    Competition to be attended in sneakers or shoes
    with rubber studs.
    3. Beach Volleyball-M + W
    * Team: 3 players, 1 reserve, 1 coach,
    5, Standing jump, M, W.
    6. TABLE TENNIS-M and W (separately)
    7. CHESS (accelerated) -M and W (separately)
    * Team of 3 players.Players bring chess table.

8 Streetball – M and W Team: 3 players, 1 reserve, 1 coach,

9. SHOOTING mixed M + W

  1. The Dart-M and W (team or individual)

*Team: 2 players, 1 team leader  (total.3 persons)
11. Open Sea Swimming – (the struggle against the waves):
-M and W (team and individual)
* Team max 3M and 3W,
12. Point to Point Swimming to and from a designated place at the hotel beach, 50 m free style.
Competitors are required to bring their own
swim caps.
13. Rope overlaying – M and W
* Team: 5 players, 1 reserve (total 6 people).
14.  Stone’s throw from the shoulder – individually
15. Arm wrestling M, W, Individually
16.  Stand up pedal boarding, individually
17.  Dance



Eighteen years and older.  Registered participants of the First and Second Football League are ineligible to participate, as well as the first league participants in table tennis and all other sports, this includes high school and full-time students.

The authenticity of competitors will be confirmed by presentation of an identification document.

Registration and reservations:

Mob. Tel: +38163 208 602


P R O G R A M: 

24th of September, Belgrade
(Tuesday) Gathering of participants and departure from Belgrade at 22:00 hours from the Sava Square. (“LASTA” Tour operator office). The road leads through Nis, Skopje, Thessaloniki,  stopovers for rest and sightseeing. Night drive.

25th of September, Agia Triada
(Wednesday) Arrival to the destination in the morning.  Accommodation in selected hotel from 14.00 hrs. Free time for rest. Visiting the city.

20:00: TECHNICAL CONFERENCE, teams registration, drawing and opening ceremony with the teams representatives. Dinner.

Evening party: with bouzouki and Greek Syrtaki national music – unlimited drinks: wine, beer, soft drinks, juices.        


26th of September, Agia Triada
(Thursday) Breakfast. Competition program. Dinner. Optional entertainment at the
national restaurant. Overnight.

27th  of September. Agia Triada
(Friday) Breakfast. Competition program. Possibility of excursion to Thessaloniki. Dinner. Optional evenig program. Overnight.

28th of Setpember. Agia Triada
(Saturday) Breakfast. Competition program. Possibility of going shopping.

Closing ceremony of the festival and award ceremony.

Evening party: with bouzouki and Greek Syrtaki national music – unlimited drinks: wine, beer, soft drinks, juices.


29th of September. Agia Triada
(Sunday) Breakfast. Departure to Serbia at 08:00, with occasional stops for
BELGRADE : Arrival to Belgrade in the evening hours. END OF PROGRAM
– 4 half boards (buffet) in 1/2 and 1/3 rooms:                                               195 Euros
– tourist tax and insurance:                                                                                     1 Euro/day

– tourist bus transportation, Belgrade – Agia Triada –  Belgrade                    49 Euros

PACKAGE INCLUDES: – Accommodation in SANTA BEACH HOTEL **** Agia Triada,  20 kms from Thessaloniki, in ½ and 1/3 rooms
– meals on half board basis (buffet) at the 4 stars hotel.
– FIRST AND LAST NIGHT – BOUZOUKI/SYRTAKI PARTY- On the charge of organizer,
wine, beer, soft drinks, juices without limitation.
– bathroom, terrace, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, Wi-Fi internet, gym.
– Three swimming pools, (two outdoor, one indoor) sun umbrellas, deck chairs, both at the pool, and on the beach.
– expenses of the technical organization, judges, medical services, international healthcare insurance, marketing, diplomas, medals, trophies, gift souvenirs.
NOTE: sauna, massage and fitness center are used with an extra charge .



PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION (please mark with an X)

TEAM – COMPANY: _____________________________________________________________
Head office-address: ____________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________ Fax No: ____________________ E-mail: ___________________
Contact person: ____________________________________________

I hereby certify participation at the first International Company SPORTS GAMES –
which will takes place from 25-29.09.2019.

DISCIPLINE(mark with an x)                                        men                  women                            Total:

  1. Futsal                                                              ____                   ____                                   _______
  2. Beach volleyball                                           ____                   ____                                   _______
  3. Tennis                                                             ____                   ____                                   _______
  4. Table tennis                                                  ____                   ____                                   _______
  5. Chess (accelerated)                                     ____                   ____                                   _______
  6. Streetball                                                       ____                   ____                                   _______
  7. Darts                                                               ____                   ____                                   _______
  8. Swimming in the sea, fighting

with waves                                                               _____                  ____                                   _______

  1. Shooting                                                        _____                  ____                                   _______
  2. Rope overlaying                                           ____                    ____                                   _______
  3. Standing jump                                              ____                   ____                                   _______ 
  4. Arm wrestling                                              ____                    ____                                   _______
  5. Rock throwing                                              ____                   ____                                   _______
  6. Stand up pedal boarding                           ____                    ____                                   _______
  7. Dancing                                                         ____                   ____                                   _______

TOTAL PARTICIPANTS:                                                                                                               _______


Application for participation should be sent to the following address:
* SERBIAN FEDERATION of company’s sports,
CONTACT: Budimir Vucinic, mob.: +381 63 208 602, e-mail:
Having in mind that the number of participants is limited, acceptance check is carried out by the order of registration, and with advance payment of 30%. The deadline for applications in team sports is 30th of August. Individual sports contestants may apply at the Technical Conference 09/25/2019, at 21:00.
PAYMENT: Via Invoice, upon received and approved application

According to the decision of the Organizing Committee, after this deadline further applications will not be accepted