Even the ancient Romans demanded that there should be games besides bread. Today’s managers in companies, as well as the ones at the time, know that the environment for entertainment, sports and leisure must be created. That freshness must be introduced in everyday life: house-job-house, that a satisfied and happy worker gives full effect in the workplace as well as in the family.
Regular physical activity brings a better quality of life, well-being and health to the citizen and the employee. Sports and companies have close relationships and have to work together.
This is a situation where everyone wins, everyone benefits. We firmly believe in the sports programs of companies, because of the many positives. However, do not forget inactive workers!

Although they may be inactive, many are convinced that workplace sports practice is beneficial for both workers and employers. Company sport is a situation where everyone wins.

Every day my wife and I go very early for a walk. And that modest physical activity is the deciding factor for the mood of the rest of the day.
The skills, behaviors and principles that apply in the sports area can be adapted to the business space and business area. All organizations that contribute to the gathering of companies and sports organizations for sports development and physical activity are welcome.
Recreation is a word of Latin origin (recreatio) and signifies: refreshment, refreshment, entertainment, re-creation of energy.

Recreation has taken over the world, it has become a measure of prosperity and standards, above all necessities. Recreation knows neither sex nor age, does not know the seasons or the time of day. Everyone is recreating in their own way and they have their own point of view. The origins of recreational need are mostly tied to the workplace, above all the sum of the effects of several factors in the daily cycle: fatigue, air pollution, noise, arrow… more able to handle much more stressful situations and more efficiently perform our daily tasks.
In our daily chase for work and profit, we are exposed to excessive emotional strain. In addition, the basic needs of the organism are increasing: we eat too much, weird and often too fast, we sleep too little, we don’t smoke enough, we smoke a lot, we drink excessively, we are constantly tense and tired.

The Serbian Federation of Corporate Sports has focused all its program activities on recreational and sports activities with the aim of maintaining health and increasing physical fitness, and we expect companies to pay due attention and promote mutual cooperation. The benefit will be multiple.


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